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In the moment of birth, the constellations, planets and stars form a map: the natal birth chart. Through its design and interpretation, it’s possible to find out the cosmic influences in our life.

It’s a good tool for clearing ,confirming and understanding the way we are,and how we function in our life, so we can make change for the best of it.

"The meaning and essence of astrology is that we are not separate ,we are one with the universe. The universe is a living body ,an organic unity. In it nothing is isolated ,all is connected. Whatever is far a way is connected to that which is near."

An antique system based on a stars zodiac is used here; The result is a more complet reading of the bitrh chart.

  • Sideral Astrology
  • Birth chart
  • Transits
  • Solar return
  • Chart comparison ( for couple or buisness associations ext..)

It’s possible to experiment your birth chart alive; see YANTRA.


Individual o couple sessions, available by tape recording and sended by mail . more information