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  • Help to create a space with good energy and harmony in your home.
  • Every pieces are made by hand.
  • you can get exclusive orders
  • Design made with swarovski cristals components.

With the sun light ,the cristal becomes a prisma ,which distribuate the light in the seven colors of the rainbow ,creating a magic space.

Every color have a influence on people and create an ambience in the house.

Blue color is good for relaxation and bring tranquility; also for communication ,good for nervous people.

Gold color bring strength and determination ,also prosperity and increase activity, it ‘s good for people who feel weak and down.Very good color for buisness place.

Pink color transmit harmony in love and friend relationships, it is good to have it in the area where the family meet.

Green color good for healing and regenaration, good for èople who have health problems.

Violet color is for transformation, for intuition and inspiration . It ‘s very good for creative people and for those who need new ideas.

Transparent color also called aurore boreal, give clarity in taking decisions ,also bring clean energy to your house.

contact Premdevi who will inform you how to get them.