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MOON YANTRA (Clic to Enlarge) The yantra experience.

Yantra is a universal diagram that has been used since ancient times to facilitate a process of self knowing.

Here it’s used through the zodiacal circle which becomes a big platform for interactive comunication.HEART YANTRA (Clic to Enlarge

The unique way of using the forces of the twelve zodiacal arquetypes make it an instrument for personal experience,expressed in a dynamic playful language.

Through the arquetypes, you will find the answers that are in you for any situation.
By giving you diferent perspectives and unlimited possibilities,

The yantra experience, becomes useful tool to a clearer understanding of how you function in your daily life.EARTH YANTRA (clic to Enlarge)

Through this process you can discover more deeply your individuality, this will help to live your life with more authenticity.

With the zodiacal chart drawn on the floor in the form of a mandala called yantra, you can experience your birth chart in a dynamic way.

Letting the forces of the planets and constellations work in you. listen to their messages for better understanding which bring more consciouness in your daily life.


Experiment your birth chart in a dynamic way (alive)


Individual or group session are available. more information